Class Descriptions

YARD offers the following yoga classes throughout the year. Click on the instructors name for yoga qualifications and bio. 

The following are the classes offered for the 2014 Spring Session:


Explore yourself deeper and refine your practice to rediscover the inner peace and ease that is inherently yours. An active practice of asana, pranayama, philosophy and chanting, meditation along with a lengthy guided meditation. Experience with yoga & a sense of humor is required.


BEGINNER POWER with Adele Ohama

An introduction to the breathing technique, postures and sequence of Ashtanga yoga. Hot - Not suitable for pregnancy


BEGINNER YOGA with Maxine Winchester, Ann Waschuk

Learn the basics of yoga in a safe, comfortable and joyful manner. Focus on a variety of postures to build strength, stamina & increased flexibility for the development & harmony of the whole body, mind and soul. Postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), meditation and deep relaxation are all explored. All Levels


MIX & MATCH YOGA with Wanda OsterConnie DymianiwDelaney Shaye Hansen

Perfect mid-day break.  Breathe fully & deeply, release tension & relax your mind with Asana, Pranayama & Meditation.  Chakra on Tuesday, Flow on Wednesday & Hatha on Thursday   Come up to 3 times a week – return to work relaxed and refreshed!  All Levels.


GENTLE / MODIFIED YOGA with Paula Carnegie Fehr

This class is for the tentative beginner or those who need a very slow pace. Chairs, props, and gentle postures help the student to find a way into comfortable practice. Emphasis is on body/mind awareness, breathing, joint mobilization, basic yoga postures and relaxation. Suitable for seniors.


CONTINUING POWER with Trish Campbell 

A dynamic series of postures intended to increase your endurance, flexibility & concentration. Prior power yoga recommended. Hot - Not suitable for pregnancy


KUNDALINI YOGA with Alison Rittammer & Dena Fairell

Experience yoga kriyas that combine postures, rhythmic movement, mantra and meditation to strengthen the nervous system and bring peace to the body and mind. All levels – Not suitable for pregnancy

VINYASA HATHA with Paula Carnegie Fehr

Move into your day with a moderate flowing asana practice. Must have continuing to intermediate level of experience. Not suitable for pregnancy


YOGA FOR BACKS with Connie Dymianiw 

Discover how ease of movement, release of tension and development of strength can improve the health and function of your back. Combine mindfulness and breath work with gentle asana and re-awaken your spine. All Levels


YIN YOGA with Wanda Oster, Nicole Schulz 

This style of hatha (with held supported postures) targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine nourishing the joints and ligaments. All Levels


EVENING HATHA with Suzanne Blackwell 

'A bit of everything'; this multi-level class targets better flexibility, strength, alignment, balance, & body awareness as well as breathing & relaxation practices for overall wellness & stress relief. Not suitable for pregnancy


YOGA MELT with assorted instructors

Complete your day with a relaxing yoga practice to soothe away the day’s challenges. Let your tension melt with gentle stretch and movement, deep relaxation, 
soothing breath practice and meditation. Enjoy a variety of instructor’s guidance. 


THERAPEUTIC YOGA with Kyla Belich 

This gentle form of yoga is practiced using asana-inspired movements in a range of motion that is free of pain or tension. Moving this way results in a reduction in pain and tension as well as an increase in mobility, stability, strength and endurance. All Levels



A series of systematic techniques with extended mantra & meditations times with kriyas of postures, movement and pranayama. Prior yoga recommended. Not suitable for pregnancy


BEG / CONT. POWER with Anomi Bearden 

"Ashtanga” inspired power yoga class with emphasis on breath awareness and vinyasa flow (coordinating breath with movement). All Levels. Hot - Not suitable for pregnancy

ASHTANGA PRIMARY with Freda Lundberg
The entire primary series will be taught at the traditional pace. This includes sun salutations, standing series, seated series, back bending and the entire closing series. Modifications will be given. Not Suitable for pregnancy